AMERIFORM® as mentioned previously, is a very tough, tenacious polymeric dry film. With its unique patent-holding properties, we have blended different types of polymers, which give the product its unique ability to handle very deep draws. Acting like an extension ladder, as one polymer reaches its end point for heat, the next one takes over thereby allowing the metal to flow as easily deep in the draw, as in the beginning of the draw.

Look at some of the applications in use currently with AMERIFORM®:

  • Deep draws on all types of metal
  • Stamping of various draws and all types of metals, from aluminum to steel
  • Hydroforming of tubes from extruded aluminum, to steel, to titanium
  • Sheet hydroforming of both steel and aluminum
  • Tube bending on all types of metals
  • Ability to withstand multiple hits without re-lubing: (36 hits in one progressive die)
  • Roll Forming

Because of its unique polymeric capabilities, we can give you the following benefits:

  • Reduces friction and thus frictional heat thereby reducing heat in the die and on the work piece by over 30%, thus extending tool life 30 - 60%
  • Parts washing is eliminated if there is no need for E-coating or painting. This is especially helpful to exhaust system suppliers as well as under-body frames, brackets and other suppliers
  • Reject rates are reduced dramatically. We have case studies of reject rates ranging from 25 - 40% (and several times, over 85%) being reduced to under 1%
  • Steel grades can be reduced thus a major cost savings. We have taken customers from EDDQ to DQ or to Hot Rolled from Cold Rolled. Elongation specs have also been reduced
  • Press set-up times are virtually eliminated as once we have the press "dialed in"; you can go back to the settings each time. Press set-up time on one press ranged from 12 - 36 hours for an aluminum heat shield; now it's under 20 minutes
  • By not being hygroscopic (attracts water and moisture), and being alkaline, the "sticking blanks problem" is eliminated. Rust also is virtually no longer a problem due to it's unique properties

AMERIFORM® is so different than the other so-called dry lubricants on the market that we cannot show all the differences here. We are not a sterate soap. We do not have paraffin wax. We do not have any animal fat. There are no sulfur or petroleum distillates. It is washed off in a particulate state allowing for easy filtering and thus allowing wash baths to be extended for a longer time period. What advantages does this give you?

  • There is no build up in the die
  • There are no wastewater issues or sludge haul-offs. AMERIFORM® is produced with food-grade raw materials which allows it to be released directly to the drain
  • It can be burned off in an annealing oven without harm to the oven's atmosphere
  • After a plant is fully converted to AMERIFORM®, lost time due to illness or injury begins to be reduced dramatically





This Dry Film Lubricant has all the patented technology of AMERIFORM, but has been slightly modified for easier washing in certain applications.  X-TREME VII has been highly successful in forming deep draws on all metals, including aluminum, cold roll, hot roll, and stainless. 




In the categories of Paints, Pre-Paints or Primers, there have been many products on the market for years.  However, there has been certain limitations in the forming characteristics of these Paints as well as in welding, impact tests, salt spray results, etc.

Stork Technologies, L.L.C., after years of R & D, has been able to combine the Patented Technology of AMERIFORM with several urethane and epoxy paint bases.  These new products are able to stretch the paint further than the metal without loss of adhesion.  This major break-through will now allow you to make difficult parts with more than a shallow draw or slight bend with these products.

FUSIONBOND is the first product to examine.  A urethane based Paint, as stated, we can stretch this Paint further than the substrate.  Therefore, we are able to make parts requiring deeper draws or 90 degree bends.  Also, we can provide you with the following characteristics to help your operations:

  • It is 100% conductive, therefore welding is extremely effective
  • Impact testing shows a high degree of resistance
  • We have at present, been able to provide 500 hours of salt spray tests yet we are at present in R & D to double this

This product, available in black or gray, can be used as:

  • Replacement of E-coat
  • Primer that can be E-coated or Powdered Coated over


    We believe that FUSIONBOND can lower many costs in your production flow from material flow to the plant, stamping and post-stamping operations.

     Steel pulleys made with FUSIONBOND with one being Powder Coated.


     Dome Test shows FUSIONBOND stretching furhter than the steel without loss of adhesion.


This mower deck is .118 hot rolled steel, coated with Fusiobond. It is primer paint as well as the drawing lube. Totally conductive. Can be finish coated with powder coat, spray, or dip methods. Excellent salt spray. Elliminates many steps in production. This test piece shows Fusionbond will stretch further than the substrate.



This new Epoxy based Paint, gives you all the benefits described above in terms of:

  • Stretch the LUMINCOAT further than the substrate


  • Gives great results on Impact testing


  • We can provide up to 500 hours of salt spray testing


  • Not able to weld through


  • Can be COLOR-MATCHED so can be used on certain parts as a top coat


    We believe that LUMINCOAT could be the product of choice for many parts that can again, lower your production and post-stamping operations.





Reacting to Customer’s needs, Stork Technologies, L.L.C., developed a new SEMI-DRY LUBRICANT, which can be applied at Mills and Toll Processors through an electrostatic oilier.  Again, our R & D utilized the Patented Technology of AMERIFORM and then combined this with synthetic oil thus giving a new genre of products:  SEMI-DRY LUBRICANTS.

What FORMZOIL can do for you is the ability to have it applied at a Mill or Toll Processor, thus replacing Mill Oils and wet lubricants which are applied at your press!

With FORMZOIL, you can eliminate your press-applied wet lubricants, thus eliminating the costs, maintenance issues, clean-up problems and other headaches as well. 

Being a SEMI-DRY LUBRICANT, FORMZOIL can be that transitional product from your current wet lubricant to a DRY FILM LUBRICANT such as AMERIFORM or X-TREME VII.

Dome test on our FORMZOIL, our new SEMI-DRY LUBRICANT, proves it is 10-25% more effective in forming than other wet lubricants and competitive dry films.



Stork Technologies, L.L.C., is continually working on technology that is 10-20 years more advanced than any current product. Source 1 Metal Treatments, L.L.C., as distributor, presentes these products to you the customer. The 5 products described above are more advanced than the current compittion's state, and we are constantly reacting to customers’ needs in the new developing forming technologies.

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